Urban Roots Denver

Full Grown Ideas For Small Denver Garden Spaces

Where you shop matters!
Make a pledge to shop local &
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10am - 6pm

11am - 5pm

Closed Monday.


Urban Roots
1000 Acoma Street
Denver, CO 80204
P 303.893.4064
F 303.893.4061

Remember, where we spend our dollars really does matter!  We are proud to be a locally owned business. Urban Roots feels that it is important to shop our local community businesses that provide vital employment, tax revenues, and local products and services.  

Join Urban Roots and other local businesses in BUYING LOCAL. 

Check out the Golden Triangle Association and Colorado Local First businesses for complete listings.

Urban Roots stocks a wide variety of sophiscated planters, pots, tools, soils, organic fertilizers and plant materials grown from locally owned nurseries. Check out our new shipment of planters...

FREQUENT SHOPPER REWARDS PROGRAM If you're a passionate gardener who is always tempted to buy more wonderful plants & containers, or just looking to buy someone that special gift, join our Urban...

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